SUTTON BRIDGE MARINA: Dump this costly project now

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“Lincolnshire County Council are still sorting out land ownership before proceeding.”

This project has been going for years. You couldn’t make it up! Nene Marine CIC Ltd and Lincolnshire County Council have tried to keep the whole marina project under a cloak of secrecy.

Despite the CIC regulations stating that all CICs are obliged to disclose details of their directors’ remuneration, the Articles of Association still state that only members can be directors’.

Who should the directors disclose the information to, if there are no other members?

Clause 9.2 of the CIC regulations state “.... but it is an important principle that a CIC should have particular regard to its major stakeholder i.e. the community, .....”

The Articles, registered at Companies House, which have still not been amended as recommended, still deny the “community” any opportunity for involvement.

The parish council has been excluded from the beginning, with Lincolnshire County Council only providing information after specific requests. They claim that they cannot provide a proper business plan because of commercial sensitivity.

Surely the “community” ought to be aware of the potential income, expenditure, surplus and spin-off that is supposed to be generated for its benefit?

I question the surplus when King’s Lynn are proposing to install 45 metres of moorings off Green Quay to attract tourists.

I know where I would go. King’s Lynn has an enormous amount of history, whereas Sutton Bridge is not exactly a tourist magnet.

Come on Lincolnshire County Council, stop throwing good public money after bad; dump this unsustainable and costly project, and return the S106 funds to the parish, for it to be used for local projects which will benefit the whole of the local community, rather than a small clique and two councils.

Christopher Brandon-King

Nightingale Way

Sutton Bridge