Sutton Bridge gasifier

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An open letter to Coun Roger Gambba-Jones:

I listened to the deliberations at the meeting on April 17 with disbelief at your dismissive attitude to the objections of the proposed development.

It stank of nepotism, corruption, ignorance of facts and public opinion, and seemed to be just a money making opportunity for certain individuals, plus the promoters and South Holland District Council. But I came away hoping that your committee would see sense and reject the proposal. How wrong can one be?

As chairman of the planning committee, you are ultimately responsible for results and repercussions of the decisions of your committee, but it appears you are being guided and/or manipulated by certain people, all of whom appear to have personal gain as their objective.

How you can be so misguided by councillors who have lots to say about this project, but no conviction to vote one way or the other, but just to leave all their options open for themselves defies belief, they are hypocrites in their own right and as such should be ignored.

At the meeting you again ignored the feelings and objections of the electorate (who ultimately pay your salary), of how this development would affect the wellbeing of residents of Wingland, Sutton Bridge and beyond by bulldozing this approval through, all it seems for the price of land which I am led to believe the district council currently owns.

The big question is; how commercially viable is this project without government subsidies? It would appear that it is not commercially viable and as such will in time become a “white elephant”.

Sleep well Coun Gambba-Jones in the knowledge that your actions are making some members of your electorate very ill, they live in fear of health issues and devaluation of their properties and, that because of your decision making, you are probably at this time one of the most mistrusted and disliked people in south Lincolnshire. It is probably best that you resign your position.

I don’t expect a reply because if I were you, I would not know where to begin!

Jim Stalley

Sutton Bridge