Surely something can be done to save our diminishing duck population?

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I wish to share my concern about the ever diminishing number of ducks in Spalding.

I have attached a photo from years ago of a new family, happy to rest outside my house. I live close to a river, and often encouraged the ducks to stop by for some bread and one day witnessed 35 on my doorstep.

This year, there have only been two, a male and female, who kept very close to each other. I am saddened this morning to note that the female is no longer around.

Last week, in the same week, there were two dead ducks in the road down Double Street, and one at the beginning of West Elloe. I wonder if they became victims to those driving too fast? I have at times slowed down/stopped to let our feathered friends walk across the road on their way to the river because I care – why can’t everyone?

I doubt I am not alone in noticing this disturbing observation, and whilst we can all have our thoughts on why this might be happening, surely something can be done, but I don’t know what? I can only hope someone reading this may have a solution.

I suggest parents of young families get your pictures of your children feeding the ducks sooner rather than later, as I fear for the time when we will have a river without ducks.

J McGurk