Successive governments are to blame for the social problems in Spalding

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I read with great interest the letter from South Holland District Council deputy leader Nick Worth and the item written by President of Spalding and District Area Chamber Of Commerce president Phil Scarlett in last week’s Spalding Guardian.

So why IS Spalding a grot spot? In the early 1970s, Conservative Prime Minister Heath took this nation into the European Economic Community knowing full well that there was an end product, namely a political and economic united European Union.

Under Prime Minister Thatcher, she had the powers to overturn the unholy mess of Heath and refused to do so. In nealy 13 years of “New” Labour, Prime Minister Blair and latterly Prime Minister Brown gave this nation open and endless immigration from anywhere in the world and laws to ‘punish the victim and reward the criminal’.

In 2001 along comes the new Criminal Justice & Police Act, knowing full well that local bye-laws in respect of drinking would be abolished after 2006. In 2012, the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition have done sod all to end immigration within the European Union, and curtail many of the old, badly thought-out laws on endless drinking, crime and immigration.

I blame national Governments under Heath, Thatcher, Blair, Brown, and Cameron for their abject failure to control immigration, crime and boozing.

These feeble-minded excuses for prime ministers are why Spalding (and every other town in the UK) has its social problems linked to immigration.

Add to that the stupid notion that the British could cope with 365/24/7 drinking, with licences thrown at anybody who wanted to have one and what is the end result? Drink-related crimes going up and up, crimes against the ordinary public go up and up.

The police are not to blame. The blame lies directly with this ever-useless coalition who, having been in power for a couple of years, haven’t got the guts or gumption to do anything about immigration within the EU or drinks licensing within the UK as a whole and Spalding in particular.

John Hayes MP does his best, but when we have to do what we’re told by our EU owners, who give us most of our laws, and when national Government buries its heads in the sand, then how are we ever to reclaim our villages, towns and cities?

If Nick Worth, Phil Scarlett and John Hayes want an end to anti-social behaviour, street drinking, litter and every other kind of crime which goes on Spalding, and to stop drawing attention to it having a detrimental impact on businesses, then tell our European Union and its local County Council (namely the Houses Of Parliament) to get their act together and DO something.

One final thing for Messrs Worth, Scarlett and Hayes. If drinks licences are issued when unopposed by anyone at the time of issue, why can’t a drinks licence be revoked retrospectively if such a licensee fails to adhere to prevention of crime and disorder, or public safety, or prevention of public nuisance and of protecting children from harm? After all, what is given can be taken away can’t it?


St Thomas’ Road