STREETS: Concerned over dog mess and spit

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I am concerned over two issues and wonder if your readers know of any measures that can be taken to stop what is happening.

The first thing is that, after having clean streets for an enjoyable period of time following the initial law to make it encumbent upon owners to use the doggy bins, it would appear that it is no longer necessary for some owners to comply.

The issue is that some owners are deliberately encouraging their pets to foul the paths and this is giving responsible owners a bad name. The dogs are not to blame.

Secondly, and of a greater concern, is the increasing volumes of spit on most pathways.

It took many years to get turberculosis (TB) under control in this country, but this disgusting habit can be one of the greatest carriers of this devasting disease.

If a child were to fall in the street into a pool of spit, there could be serious consequences, so too could walking around indoors in your street shoes.

Now that we can all travel freely on holidays between countries, many of which do not have TB under control, we could soon be seeing the birth another epidemic.

If for no other reason, it would be so nice to enjoy a walk without having to look downward.

Can anything be done to protect what’s left of our little country?

R Knight

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