STREET DRINKING: Reduction claims are astounding

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I am writing with my ever-growing concerns regarding street drinkers in Spalding.

Recent claims by our force that these such issues are declining is nothing short of astounding.

I am one of the daily

commuters into town and on each day I can safely say that I witness drinkers at some point of the day.

While I congratulate the police on tidying up the town centre which has seen a slight improvement since the turn of the year maybe the focus needs to be turned on all these other areas which are constantly blighted each and every day.

The town centre during the hours of 9am till 5pm is not so bad, even though we still have some pushing their luck. But

venture into the centre early or late and you will easily spot these drinkers. If members of the public spot them, why cannot CCTV?

Anyway, my point is, more needs to be done. During these summer months of hot long days the drinking issue has increased and again while I congratulate the efforts of the police I am one of those with the view that pouring of drinks is not the answer.

I am more for on the spot fines, which would act as a better deterrent. I have seen police carry out the pouring , and within half an hour the very same drinkers are back in the very same spot with some more cans.

Hit them with fines and maybe it will hit their pockets. Whatever the answer is, it’s not the pouring of drinks.

With regards to the reporting of such incidents, the 101 number is, so they say, the best way. But on doing this I seem to have to give more details about myself than the actual act that is happening right there and then.

This is such a time delay, and by the time the police turn up it is on average 20 minutes and thus more than likely the drinkers have moved on.

So, my idea is, can we have direct contact numbers for the actual policing team assigned to the issue? Or better still, a simple text service where members of the public can text the location and number of drinkers with just basic details and we then should

have an officer turn up within five minutes.

A question I would like clarification on: “Is the Coronation Channel included in the DPPO area as it quite rightly should be now? This area alone is a haven for drinkers, as reported on many stories so far this year.

With the summer holidays coming up I fear for our young children who would venture up on to these river banks and have to encounter the sights of such drunks who will openly urinate in front of anyone.

Other areas to focus on (and thereare so many I cannot include them all): Ayscoughfee Gardens, the riverside benches along London Road, Commercial Road benches, Double Street and Albion Street riverside, the pathway between Sainsbury’s car park and the water tower, and Gore Lane.

I hope this is some idea of the extent of the issues, as now the drinkers are pushed out of the town centre it’s becoming increasingly unpleasant and

intimidating to those locals who choose to walk these areas in what was once nice, safe Spalding.

Mrs A Milnes