STRAIGHT TALK: ‘Social gospel’ in action

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RECENTLY I have been getting insurance quotes to renew some of my policies.

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to any of you that, even after shopping around, all the premiums are up, up and away.

You can, of course, pay the same, but for reduced cover.

Likewise a recent trip to the shops revealed that after all the Christmas “bargains” have now long since disappeared – yes you’ve guessed it – all the prices are also headed north as well.

With all the pressures on everyone’s finances these days, and the temptation to so easily slide into debt, it’s good to know that for genuine cases of hardship we have the Agape Care Foodbank in Spalding ( as an emergency stop to at least help local people put food on the table to feed themselves and their children, should a crisis occur.

This is the “social gospel” in action and this Saturday, foodbank director Paul Walker (07588 866300) and his team of dedicated willing volunteers will be collecting donated groceries at the Spalding Sainsbury’s store, one of their local committed supporters.

Please give them a friendly smile and a wave and possibly a tin or two.

After all, one day the person in need could be you.

Pastor Kevin Taylor

South Holland

Community Church