Stop disappointing us and start looking after village’s children

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Yet again Moulton Parish Council disappoints us.

In its objections for the potential move of the Moulton Harrox Pre-school to a purpose-built site it claims there was a lack of information.

To quote Cllr Butterworth: “We should object simply because it will take one of our community buildings away.”

This statement speaks for itself and nowhere is there a request for any further information prior to objecting.

To quote Cllr Miller: “John Harrox School is being ‘shortsighted’ as it limits school expansion.” Still no request for further information, but another judgement made.

The jewel in the crown however goes to the Chairman Cllr Woolf who, after having admitted receiving further information, which along with his colleagues he did not request, says: “It may not have changed our stance.”

He therefore understands the village hall is no longer fit for purpose as a pre-school, but is still unable to support the project, choosing to “protect the interests of the village hall”.

Moulton Parish Council – how about protecting the interests of the children and families of Moulton?

Paul Seekins