Stand together against care cuts

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Re your front page report ‘Back to the Dark Ages with cuts to social care’.

Firstly, I say well done to the people of The Chappell Centre in Spalding and to the people in Bourne for standing up and fighting more possible cuts and closures to adult care services in Lincolnshire.

Secondly, I can recall this coalition Government telling us all that we are all in this situation together and that frontline services would not be cut back. The elderly have paid into the system over a lifetime and the deficit is not their fault so why should they have to suffer?

In my book, caring for our elderly population is a priority and a frontline service. Where is this going to end?

Also I am totally shocked by the amount of centres that are on the reported hit list.

When Halmer Grange closed the county council gave assurances that the people using this wonderful care centre would be found suitable good quality alternatives. With the scale of these further closures to adult social care centres I am concerned about what little services there will be left for our people to be able to use.

Lincolnshire County Council are going in the wrong direction. People are living longer and the need for adult care will be greater in years to come. There should be a plan for the long term and these knee-jerk reactions will not work.

Those councillors who were involved with the decision-making process over these proposed closures on the list should be ashamed. What amazes me is, that on the behalf of the community they will still want our vote when it comes to election time.

My support goes out to all the people involved with the campaign to stop the closures and I urge more people to stand together with them.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road, Spalding