Staff are centre’s only endearing quality – it should close now

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The Red Lion Quarter should close immediately, the existing staff should be paid three months’ pay in lieu of their notice and local MP John Hayes should instigate a full independent audit.

This will preferably be by someone outside the county, to find out who is responsible for this shambles.

It beggars belief that a purpose-built complex is to be partly closed so that South Holland District Council can re-focus on what it is best suited for.

Surely that is the first thing to do before you start building and set up your business – not to do so would be almost as foolish as building a travellers’ site on land you didn’t own!

Richard Baggaley saw the writing on the wall as have many who have visited the food hall.

Apart from the excellent staff it does not have one endearing quality.

It is like going into a very expensive shoe shop that has about 12 items on display and you know before you pick them up they are going to be incredibly expensive.

This might appeal on Rodeo Drive but not in Spalding.

The sensible folk around here, when faced with a choice between a gallon of premium or a small bottle of spiced extra virgin oil, are more likely to opt for the petrol.

Finally, it is not acceptable for the council to refuse to put the level of debt in the public domain, on the grounds of “commercial confidentiality”.

This is merely a ruse so that the amount – which must be very substantial – can be revealed at a more politically convenient moment.

But perhaps they could tell us where the money is coming from.

Peter Manley

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