SPRINGFIELDS: In praise of Santa Claus...and his wife!

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I am a former resident of Spalding but still have family who I vist regularly.

On a recent visit, my sister Joannne Young, myself and our children and my grandsons visited Springfields to see Santa and Mrs Claus in the garden centre.

I want to say I was blown away by the lovely way Santa and Mrs Claus took the time to speak to all the children individualy even though we went in as a group.

Then each individual child passed their ticket permitting them to see Santa to Mrs Claus who in return gave them chocolates.

I also loved how the children could sit at the side of Santa and chat freely to him and he spoke to each child in turn, asking them their name and age and what they wantedfor Christmas.

I would like to congratulate them on such a fantastic friendly atmosphere and the friendliness of Santa and Mrs Claus towards us all.

Spalding gets a lot of bad publicity and I just wanted to say well done Springfields, you made two little boys very happy.

Sharon Young-Earth

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