SPEEDING: Why won’t police catch this speeder?

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I have contacted the police on 101 several times now about a speeding motorcyclist and posted several tweets on Twitter to Spalding police with no joy.

I also noticed the next day the tweet has been removed – obviously they only want positive tweets, not those pointing out what they have not done in Spalding.

I have noticed on Twitter that the police post what offences were committed every day and traffic offences are one of them.

So why will they not do anything about this speeding motorcyclist?

He races down Park Road every day Monday to Friday and sometimes at weekends as well.

He is not exceeding the speed limit by a little – he is riding at breakneck speeds.

This is a 30mph built up area and at a guess his minimum speed would be around 80mph.

He not only travels down our street at these great speeds but has also overtaken other drivers at these ludicrous speeds.

I know quite a bit about his travels, what time he comes past my house and where he comes from, what colour his bike is and the leathers he wears.

The police even have part of his registration but still do nothing.

He has been doing this nearly every day for weeks now and I feel time is running out for him or someone who gets in his way.

Many vehicles speed down this road but not at speeds of this caliber. He must be stopped.

Neil Bingham