SPEEDING: We will not give up on speed fight

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Village speed reduction fight suffers a blow... but we sure as heck have not given up.

While we will welcome the support of the neighbourhood policing team to carry out speed enforcement checks in the village, this will not be enough to ease the problem.

I do hope that the parish council will be able to afford some sort of vehicle-activated signs to help remind drivers that they are going through our village and we are very grateful for their support so far.

As for a speed limit reduction I would love to hear a full explanation of why it cannot be reduced after a survey clearly outlines the fact that there is a considerable number of vehicles speeding through the village.

My points so far are that:

1. the village falls into the requirements for Department for Transport guidelines for setting the speed limit to 30mph.

2. The Department for Transport circular from last January states “Fear of traffic can seriously affect people’s quality of life in villages and it is self evident that villages should have comparable speed limits to similar roads in urban areas. It is therefore government policy that a 30mph speed limit should be the norm through villages” .

I spoke to many villagers whilst compiling the petition who were in fear of their lives and that of their families and children!

3. The distance through the village is quite short and would not affect the journey time of drivers or make a difference to anyone’s lives apart from making it better for those who live there.

4. While there has only been one “reported” serious crash in the village since October 2011, if you speak to the villagers and LISTEN you will discover there are many many accidents, the residents often being the people who have to deal with them.

With these points brought to attention I do not understand the blanket rulings of highways departments country-wide, not just for our village.

I find it disappointing and sad that it seems it will take a fatality to make change happen.

All I can say is that I hope that the people who could make the changes will take notice of the opinion of all the people of the village.

Incidentally, the survey showed there was an average of 160 vehicles a day speeding through the village, and 160 names on the petition, one for every person on the petition.

To all those from Holbeach St Johns, I am sorry I am unable to keep you all personally updated but rest assured I’m not done yet.

Also, I am told we are on the agenda for the parish council meeting for April who have supported us so far so if you want to go along to see the outcome and show support you will be welcome.

Jan Johnson

Holbeach St Johns