SPEEDING: Residents are right about speed

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Speed is a problem on the road through Holbeach St Johns (Spalding Guardian, January 23) but there is rather more to it than that.

The centre of the village has become a rat run for those who travel to Peterborough. Traffic can be very heavy at times and modern lorries are

very big for our narrow road which often has cars and delivery vehicles parked at the roadside.

In addition, at one end of St Johns, the long, straight road into the village has a sharp right turn exactly where the 40mph limit starts.

Vehicles frequently fail to slow, miss the bend and end up in the sewage treatment plant on the other side of

the road. There have been dozens of such incidents over the years.

At the other end, there is a very sharp blind right bend opposite the Plough pub and the turn toward Sutton St James. A very dangerous corner indeed. It’s fortunate there has been no major accident so far.

A 30mph limit together with signs located rather further away from the village would help greatly and I doubt that more than a minute would be

added to journey times.

The tendency for county highways to insist on people being killed before action is taken is hard to understand. The Parish Council, who have the best knowledge of local conditions, have asked county to make

these changes There should be no great cost involved and they should be implemented.

I live in the village and the residents are right.

Paul Foyster

Holbeach Parish Council