SPEED LIMITS: How come they got a restriction?

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I write with reference to what would appear to be a “failed” campaign to obtain a speed limit reduction in Holbeach St Johns.

I have been away from the area for the past few weeks, but on my return this week have caught up with the articles referring to this subject.

This coupled with the discovery of a new 40mph speed restriction now in place on the road from this village towards Spalding (Hurdletree Bank).

I have asked a few people when this came into force (it was not there previously), many had not realised of its existence, and the best estimate was the reply “a couple of weeks ago”.

Accordingly, I would ask precisely what was the reasoning and logic behind this change? This is a stretch of road with two detached properties, a delapidated old chapel, followed by five properties grouped together.

This new restriction represents a 33 per cent decrease from the previous national limit for the road of 60mph. However, Jan Johnson’s campaign, attracting 160 signatories, cannot get a 25 per cent decrease (40mph down to 30mph) in a heavier built up area, populated with children and senior citizens, with residential properties on both sides of the street.

Taking into account the argument put forward by Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership and Lincolnshire County Council that they were unable to act in Holbeach St Johns due to the fact there “had only been one serious crash” in the village in recent times, are we to assume that there has been a plethora of accidents on Hurdletree Bank recently? I would say to Jan that a freedom of information request should be your next port of call, to establish the justification of these decisions.

Furthermore, I note that Millgate from its junction with Ravens Bank (Sly’s Corner) up to the aforementioned Hurdletree Bank stretch of road is to be reduced to 50mph at the end of this month. Whilst I am naturally pleased for the residents along these stretches of road, just exactly how do these decisions equate to the rejection suffered by the residents of Holbeach St Johns?

I was, and I am sure most of the residents of the village were as well, disappointed to read of the priggish attitude of the senior highways officer in casually “handing off” the issue towards the direction of the police.

The administration staff for Lincolnshire Highways are lackadaisical when it comes to the villages of this area, preferring instead to churn out any buzz words or phrases that are the order of the day.

So here’s one from me.

Can you please ROBUSTLY COMPLY with providing a SERVICE DELIVERY ON A DAILY BASIS that is FIT FOR PURPOSE for the protection and well-being of residents.

Tony Bown

Whaplode St Catherine