Spalding should have taken a lead from Wisbech over jubilee

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The jubilee has come and gone. We went into Spalding town centre on Sunday, nowt going on. Ditto on Monday.

So we went to Wisbech to see friends plus if there was any life form there celebrating (Heaven forbid).

On entering the Market Square area, we saw/heard a huge canvas-sided trailer with live music – on all day with assorted breeds of live music on offer to cater for everybody – plus stalls, sideshows, street performers, fairground rides, people in droves and the lady Mayor in full regalia was walking round talking to anybody and everybody. What a credit to the place she was.

Bearing in mind that Spalding is supposed to be looked upon as the ‘heart’ of Lincolnshire by some, it would appear to be in cardiac arrest and on the way to the mortuary by the non events and what a missed opportunity to get the local community together in one great event as seemed to have happened in other towns across the country.

While we seem to be slowly turning (if not there already in all but name) into a mere suburb of Euroland as planned by the Bumbling Brussels Brigade, it’s worth pointing out we still have a monarchy and hopefully some effort might be made for the next Royal event.

Final thought: as we have such a lot in common, is it too late to be twinned with Apathy?

John Ward

Moulton Seas End