Spalding power station equal to 400 wind turbines

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I read Tracey Sweetland’s report in the Spalding Guardian (July 12) regarding wind turbines.

The problem with these machines is, as reported, their low output of power – even when the wind is blowing.

Mrs Jane Davis is on the right track when she compares Delph with Spalding Power Station, though her calculations are out by a factor of ten. A more realistic figure would be 400 wind turbines to equal Spalding station as its current 800 megawatt capacity.

In regard to Mr Lord’s 9,000 homes and assuming a total power output at Delph of 14 megawatts, then Spalding Power Station, in its unexpanded state of 800mw would power a total of 514,000 homes.

This just shows how technically not viable these wind machines are, with thousands and thousands required to make a significant contribution.

Do we want these machines everywhere? I think not.


Bramley Meadows