SPALDING: Market Place bus stop idea is a good one

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I read with interest the article regarding a proposed bus stop in Hall Place, Spalding.

Having been a retailer in Spalding for many years I have seen various changes to our traffic flow and parking situation, the latest of any note the closure of the Market Place to be pedestrianised during the day apart from market days.

At the time I thought that this was a good idea so far as potential customers being able to walk through the town at ease.

It is many years since this all came into force yet we still see on a daily basis vehicles driving through and parking in the Market Place between the hours of 10am and 4pm when it is NOT meant to be happening.

This is a dangerous situation in that the public walk through town not expecting to have to avoid moving vehicles, and mums allow their children to run off as they should be free to do.

The centre of the town is very quiet, you only have to sit for an hour on any day and you will see this.

Maybe the way forward is to open up the town centre again for limited two hour parking, the first hour being FREE. This way the public will at least know that they can expect to see cars and bikes coming through and will act accordingly.

Two hours is enough for anyone to go to the banks and do some town centre shopping – if they need any longer there are car parks around.

Coun Angela Newton’s idea of having a bus come into the town is a good one in my opinion as it can only help the footfall in what is a dying town centre.

Julie Grant

Butters (Spalding)