Spalding is the pits now

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I, FOR one, am all for this campaign.

I was born here in 1960 and have not ventured into town unless it is absolutely necessary for several years now as it is not a pleasure having to keep your eye on dodgy, drunk, very loud, abusive foreigners and cyclists riding anywhere they wish at speed with no rules.

And as for litter where do you start? There used to be awards for best kept village or town here years ago and Spalding always used to do very well. I don’t give it a hope in hell now.

I do as much shopping online as possible so I don’t have to go into town.

If it was not for my dog wanting a walk, I don’t think I would venture into town ever again.

Spalding used to be somewhere to go for a walk and browse around the shops.

I would also like to take a walk around Ayscoughfee Gardens as I have not been for many years now, but you read reports of abuse taking place there so that’s not really an option either.

Spalding really is the pits now.