SORTING OFFICE: What the hell is going on there?

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On January 23, my friend in Surrey posted two different items for me at the same time and at the same post office. On the 24th, one of two turned up and I expected the other during the day via Royal Mail van delivery.

The second one never turned up and we thought it had been lost or damaged en route. I rang Spalding sorting office on the 29th. I asked them had a medium-sized box turned up for me and that perhaps it may well have been damaged in transit between Kingston in Surrey and Spalding. I gave them my name and address and was told that if the package was there, it would be out for delivery that day. If there wasn’t, I was to ring back that afternoon.

Just after my call, a Royal Mail employee delivered my package completely intact. I asked the driver where it had been? The response was: “We’ve got a huge backlog of parcels.”

The box was properly addressed to me with the sender’s address on the reverse, the postage paid label had a “1PK” on it, and the posting date was indeed the 23rd.

So this package had stayed at Spalding sorting office for six days and I only got it then because I rang.

The truly annoying aspect is that parcel was for my birthday on the 26th, so thank you Royal Mail for ruining a lovely birthday surprise.

I now want and demand a full investigation by the head of Royal Mail for Lincolnshire into this shambles.

How many other packages are there sitting at this sorting office which have been there for six days or more?

Alan Long