Sorry, but that site cannot be used for planting Jubilee Wood

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I would like to address some of the comments made by Mrs Jeffries (Spalding Guardian, October 5) regarding The Shrubberies nature reserve at Long Sutton, and her suggestion that the site would be an ideal one for planting a Jubilee Wood.

The main part of The Shrubberies was leased to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust in 1971 by the late Alec Fletcher, who wished to ensure that the site would remain as parkland. A condition of the lease and his personal wish was that the site should continue to be grazed by cattle. Subsequently, an additional area behind Sturton Way was acquired and this was planted up as woodland,

When Mrs Fletcher died the whole of the site was bequeathed to the Trust. The wishes of Mr and latterly Mrs Fletcher in respect of the primary part of the nature reserve have been adhered to. The site will remain as parkland with specimen trees set in grassland, most of the trees being protected by a Tree Preservation Order. The grass habitats within the reserve will continue to be managed by being cut for hay and grazed by cattle and the site is covered by a Higher Level Stewardship Agreement. Before the hay is cut, mown paths are provided for visitors.

Contrary to Mrs Jeffries’ statement, the Trust does not have, nor can it have, other plans for the site. The fact that the Greylag Geese have not visited the small pond this year has little bearing on the overall management of the reserve, and visitors should enjoy the site for what it is – an example of parkland which is becoming a scarce fenland habitat.

EJ Redshaw

Fennell Road