Some constructive thought over recycling centre please

A queue of traffic waits to get into Spalding's recycling centre.
A queue of traffic waits to get into Spalding's recycling centre.
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I WRITE with support relating to the chaos caused at the recycling centre on West Marsh Road in Spalding.

We have gone from what was a first class service to a ‘nil point’ situation.

It took me an hour and a quarter to empty three bags of green waste last Wednesday. On Tuesdays the depot is closed.

The queue reached back to the “smelly roundabout” and we all know where that odour is coming from.

Also in the queue were HGVs going to depots along West Marsh Road. They were getting past as well as they could. Then along came the queue jumper who was parked in the middle of the road trying to turn right into the site.

Someone let him in because the lorries were being held up.

The Twin Sisters’ end was blocked off from HGV traffic by Lincolnshire County Council some time ago.

If this is allowed to continue an accident is bound to happen.

Coun Roger Gambba-Jones possibly could introduce a sign at the site gate saying “no right turn entry” thus allowing HGVs access to their depots or failing that reopen the twin bridge entry to West Marsh Road.

The amount we all pay to the county council is about 80 per cent of our Council Tax bill so we need a bit more constructive thought from it in what is a problem of its making.


Belgrave Road