So pleased council project will clear up town grot spot

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I would just like to say how pleased I am that the council has acted upon community pressure and organised a project for the notorious “grot spot” affecting residents of Green Lane and St John’s Road in Spalding, to be cleared as part of a joint effort involving the community and local authority services.

Well done to the residents of the area who had the courage to stand up and pursue a resolve to what had been a long-term and serious problem.

It was a shame that my offer to assist the council by bringing a group of young and enthusiastic volunteers with me from the Wygate area to help clear the site earlier this year was rejected, but, nonetheless, I am sure that the council feel the recently-announced plans involve the most appropriate organisations to complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible – a result that must be applauded.

This outcome should highlight to communities throughout the town that by using determination and community spirit to actively demonstrate to the council a high level of pride and care for the areas we live in then it is indeed possible to achieve such results.

Hopefully others will take inspiration from this success and we can start to see a united community of Spalding working together to keep pressure on the council to continue such good work and ultimately see our town once again as the pride of the district.

Adam McVeigh

Algers Walk