So disgusted by men urinating

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I was so disgusted with what I saw on Tuesday. Along the river bank near the old Anchor pub, I saw several Eastern European men drinking. One then staggered towards a tree and urinated.

Later I saw a police car coming down towards me, driving past the drinkers. As we passed them again, one of them was urinating up the same tree.

I was so disgusted that I shouted at them from my car window. If we could see them, why didn’t the police? They were trying to hide behind the bushes but we could still see them. There are enough public toilets in town for them to use and why do they have to get so paralytic all the time? Why not take the drink home?

Our trees will be going the same way as our ducks, soon to be extinct with their killer urine.

Patricia Pursey

Jacobs Court