Snowman is fine, the lack of work is not!

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I am not angered by the snowman, but I am by the lack of work being carried out at the site.

In three weeks the old gates have been taken down and a hole or two dug.

The other day there were two men in a hole, two taking measurements near the hole, four watching and one in a vehicle working on his laptop computer.

It seems to me that the crossing has been blocked off for no good reason.

There are people there watching out for pedestrians crossing the line. They could just as easily do the same for vehicles too.

“They” have also blocked off a portion of Pinchbeck Road when signage should really have sufficed.

Lastly, the traffic lights are still geared to having traffic on Woolram Wygate coming on to Pinchbeck Road and therefore causing unnecessary delays.

This should also have been sorted out by the relevant authority when the road was first closed.

Nigel Wickenden

Smithdale Close