SIR HALLEY STEWART FIELD: Will they finally open up our field?

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The Charity Commission has said about the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field trustees: “If trustees permit private sport to take over or to dominate a facility that should be available for public charitable recreation they risk to act in breach of the charitable trusts because they are failing to meet the test of public benefit.”

They continue: “There is a clear distinction to be drawn between, on the one hand, locking up the facilities overnight, for example, and, on the other, keeping them completely inaccessible to the general public between bookings.”

The early indication from the Commission appears to be, much in agreement with our own opinion, that the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field requires access for the public.

With this in mind, will the trustees now be taking the opportunity to apply for a share of the remaining £265k S106 fund to finally open our field to the public and create a vibrant central draw for the town that can be used to hold future community events?

Adam McVeigh & Bill Johnson

Spalding Community Campaign