SIR HALLEY STEWART FIELD: Not everyone is interested in football

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In reply to Mr Barzycki’s letter in July 16’s Lincolnshire Free Press: Before you can have a plan you must be in a position to talk and discuss the situation which we have tried to do.

The trust document states that the field should be managed for the inhabitants of Spalding and not Spalding United Football Club, by Charity Commission guidelines.

The gates should not be locked when the field is not being used because this restricts the use to the people of Spalding to whom the trust documents on the field was left.

I take that a village hall is in principal a different situation to a playing field because a village hall has valuables in it and would need to be locked whereas a playing field is just grass.

If you look back through the papers to 2012 you will find an article where Spalding United were in talks with Bourne Football Club about sharing with them and were prepared to leave the Halley Stewart field of their own accord. What made them change their minds? Was it because Corbo had pulled out of trying to develop the field and they were not going to get the money to build their new stadium?

Everybody seems to think that we want to tear the walls down... all we have ever stated is that we would like the field open from dawn till dusk.

Now to the Castle Playing Field. Where was Mr Barzycki when it came to saving it in 2008 when the council wanted to sell to a developer? I was on the committee stopping this from happening.

So with his involvement with the swimming and volleyball which use the Castle Playing Field did he not complain when they took the tennis courts down? Too much attention is being put towards the football club and not enough towards the inhabitants of Spalding. Not everyone wants sport.

Bill Johnson

Spalding Community Campaign