SIR HALLEY STEWART FIELD: An open letter to the community

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I thought we should give you an update on what is happening over the playing field.

The Charity Commission is still waiting for the (South Holland District) council to give them a reply to whether the field is managed so as to provide the inhabitants of Spalding with public benefit but to date what with the restricted access to the field being none because of the locked gates there cannot be any public benefit as laid down by the trust document of 1952.

The inhabitants of Spalding are the legitimate beneficiaries of this field but the council are not going to let you the public have use of it.

A trustees meeting was going to be arranged after questions were asked in the council chamber at the annual meeting, but what was set up was a special meeting of the council. The guidance from the charity commission states that “for a body to be a charity it must be independent, ie it must exist and operate solely for charitable purposes, not as a means of carrying out the directions of the local authority”.

The council has been delaying things by saying it was waiting for the Charity Commission to come back with a meeting – the council had its first communication with the Commission in February when it was asked to clarify what the field was used for.

While in talks with council leader Gary Porter, he said he saw the town as a legacy to his time as leader. So, what hidden agenda has he in mind for it?

Bill Johnson

Spalding Community