SHOPS: Wrong shops are killing town centre

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This is an open letter to South Holland District Council leader Gary Porter: “Wake up and smell the coffee sir.”

Why is the town centre d dying? Simple, there are too many cheap booze shops, too many foreign shops and too many bookmakers. The people of Spalding have had enough. People feel their town – like Boston and Peterborough – has been taken over by ever-increasing immigration. What will happen when Bulgarians and Rumanians start coming to towns like this? I shudder to think. And before you say I’m racist, I’m not and neither is my wife, but Mr Porter, if you are intent on killing Spalding then just keep going on the way you are. Decent people in this town are sick of you and your council. They have had a belly-full of your stupid ideas. Stop now or lose your town centre and future generations of shoppers.

Bert Collins

Matmore Close