Shopping in Spalding is the lesser of two evils

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Living in Donington, I have a choice between Spalding and Boston for towns to go to.

With no major traffic congestion and family in the town, Spalding is the first town of choice, but it really is the lesser of two evils and each visit is really quite depressing.

As if the road signs in Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish warning of migrants drink driving wasn’t enough, you then encounter the drinking migrants in town.

I think there has only been one occasion in the last six months where I’ve gone into town and not been confronted with the sight of migrants drinking and shouting about in their native language, in the town centre outside Boots/Coral.

Even on Christmas Day driving down Hereward Road, we almost ran over three drunk migrants staggering about in the middle of the road who took their time to get out of the way.

The situation is a joke and makes me want to avoid coming to Spalding.

The police must surely know it goes on and where the main problem areas are.

I know the police can take cans off them and move them on from the area as I’ve seen them do it once and issue a ticket of some sort, so why don’t they do it more often?

I am not surprised Graham Richardson (‘Neighbour objects to alcohol licence’, LFP, January 17) objects to another European booze shop and is fed-up of living with the problem and I’m 100 per cent sure he is in the majority with his views.

The problems are being ignored and good, hard-working local people are having their lives hampered by the anti-social behaviour and the appeasement of such behaviour.

Why are the police and the politicians ignoring the problems?

They are supposed to serve local residents and work to make their lives as good/safe as possible and this just isn’t happening.

Aston Perrin