SHOP LOCAL: It seems that anything goes

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I felt I had to look twice, well not really, as the bright, garish green paint on the third booze and beer shop in Winsover Road is enough to blind anybody.

Is it really in keeping with the town to make our streets and roads look like something out of a horror film?

I remember a few years ago when the White Hart was still open a small ornamental walled garden was put up at the back but had to be dismantled because it was a listed building. It was at the back and looked really pretty, but no, it had to come down – orders of the council. How things change.

You can get away and do literally anything inside or outside the law it seems if you’re a foreign national. What did I read the other day in your paper, “support your local shops”? Was that a joke. There’s hardly any left, they’re all foreign, and that’s without Morrisons,Sainsbury’s,Lidl, and Aldi,who give them all shop space. Spalding now looks scruffy and dirty.

FED UP TO THE BACK TEETH From a very annoyed local resident who has lived in Spalding for 64 years.

Susan Senior