Shame on them

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I noted with interest your article on the wreath laid by Richard Fairman.

Please note first that Richard has been expelled from UKIP.

You quoted me as apologising, which I did, saying that if anybody had been offended I certainly do apologise, even though there is nothing I or anybody else in UKIP can do to stop an individual doing what Richard did.

My own personal view is that the use of political logos on wreaths is wrong, but please note that all the main parties buy wreaths from the Royal British Legion with their logos attached and have done for years.

If you check the memorial in Spalding you will find a Conservative wreath, for example.

The over-reaction by what appear to be Conservative politicians, where they are zealously grabbing an opportunity to have a kick at UKIP, is a crude attempt to make political capital out of this incident and has in fact politicised the armistice ceremony and cast a shadow over what should be a dignified expression of respect for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Shame on them!

Colin Mair

High Street, Coningsby