SEWAGE: Sort it out

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Over the years one of the defining issues when visiting Spalding coming along the A16 from Sutterton is the stench of sewage from the Anglian Water treatment works.

As the traffic flow is slowed, due to the roundabout leading to West Marsh Road, visitors have more time to share the smell.

I am told that the sewage flow at times exceeds the capacity of the current installation and the excess is taken by tanker to other sites for processing. It would appear that Osprey acquisitions and investors, the Australian Bank and Canadian Pension Plan, need to invest in a larger capacity installation.

I am sure if the headquarters of Osprey, or the Australian Bank, were in Spalding this issue would have been sorted years ago.

I am also certain that a certain Joseph Bazalgette (1819-91) would have easily solved the problem.