SERVICE: They went out of their way to help

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We see in the media and on TV about the public being ripped off by companies and businesses, but I have found there are still some who will really make that extra effort to satisfy and help their customers.

At the end of last year I had the job of arranging my mother’s funeral for December 27, between Christmas and New Year. This in itself caused some problems because of the holidays, but with help and co-operation the funeral was arranged.

But on the Saturday morning the undertakers rang to say they could not get a stonemason to remove the gravestone for the grave to be prepared. The grave had to be prepared on Monday, December 24, as the next two days were holidays.

This left me in a position that I would have to cancel all the arrangements, a lot of extra work at a time when stress and strain was already high, but I decided I would pursue the problem myself.

I was given telephone numbers of local stonemasons. The first one I contacted was HJM Memorials of Gosberton Risegate. When I rang them they were still trying to complete jobs for Christmas and were due to finish that evening. I explained my problem. They said they would ring back in a few minutes. As I was to find out later these people were genuine and very helpful. They rang back to say although they were busy they could not leave me in a position like this. They asked me to locate the grave position and they would remove the gravestone on the Sunday morning and ring me when the job was done. They rang back just before midday on Sunday to say the stone had been removed and the grave preparation could go ahead the following day. To say I was relieved was an understatement.

This company went out of their way to help me. I had not done any business with them before.

They then had the job of cleaning and replacing the gravestone and also cleaning another family gravestone, which they have done very satisfactorily.

I am very grateful to HJM Memorials for what they did for me and would recommend their service to anyone. They were helpful, genuine and reliable.

T Upex