Send back the troublesome ones but it’s only the few

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I’M writing regarding the article “Send Them Home” featuring the two Eastern European businesswomen (Lincolnshire Free Press, March 20).

I read carefully what they said and I agree with them. Yes, there are too many of them but why should those who are decent law-abiding foreign nationals be tarnished with the same brush as the bad ones? It’s not fair on the ones who are OK.

Those who are anti-social drunks committing crimes and driving without insurance should be deported, all of them.

The Government should introduce a points system like in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. If they get three strikes then they’re out.

It should be made compulsory to learn English and obey our laws.

I do not have a problem with the foreign nationals who are good people, it’s the ones who are causing trouble.

All I can say is there are good and bad in all nationalities. That’s just how it is but it’s time for them to try and integrate more into our society instead of a proportion of them segregating themselves.

I wish the two women luck and success in their quest. I think they might find it a bit difficult but I’m sure they’ll succeed.

Lee Spruce