SECTION 106 MONEY: Bandstand will not help our shops

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I would like to reply to the article in July 2’s Lincolnshire Free Press about the bid for a Spalding Town Centre Manager.

I was dismayed to hear that the Town Forum were hoping to use the 106 fund for the purchase of a bandstand for Ayscoughfee Gardens.

Why are (South Holland District) Council so concerned in providing a bandstand when they do not support the local Spalding Brass Band in any way?

Maybe councillor Roger Gambba-Jones ought to talk to Councillor Dark who has come up with a very sensible, affordable alternative idea for a new band stand.

I feel it must be made clear that the 106 monies are paid to the council by the likes of Springfields, the power station etc for the harm incurred to the town (for instance Springfields for the trade they have taken from Spalding).

This is why we were hoping the position of Town Centre Manager would be paid for by the 106 fund – his position would be to work tirelessly for the town and local traders only, encouraging new businesses, however large or small, into town, thus bringing people back to the town.

I cannot see how a new bandstand in Ayscoughfee Gardens will support the shops of Spalding.

Susan Stubley

Occasions Jewellers, Spalding