Searching for long lost army friend

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IN 1952 I was stationed in Deepcut, Surrey in an ordnance field park, ready to take over in Korea, but it didn’t materialise.

I was doing my national service and there were a number of regulars who had joined the unit.

One of the regulars was a lad from Spalding. I think his name was Gerry but it was a long time ago.

I recall I had a bet with him that Newcastle would win the cup that year in 1952. Half a crown was the bet. We listened to the game on the wireless and Robledo scored for us with less than ten minutes to go.

Gerry came straight over with the half crown when the final whistle went. We were in the RAOC and I was a technical clerk.

Gerry was a driver and I found him a great lad. He may have been in the RASC and attached to our unit.

The Field Park moved to Bournemouth in September but quite a number of us were posted to different locations.

It’s now nearly 60 years ago but I would be pleased to hear from Gerry or any of his family should they read this letter. Gerry, like me, will probably be a great grandad by now.

Les May