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Regarding the proposed incinerator/gasifier at Sutton Bridge.

The stories we get vary over the months. Sometimes they’ll be burning “pellets”, at the parish meeting last spring they were going to burn straw, now it’s treated compost but not food waste.

If the development goes ahead, on the basis of Peterborough Renewable Energy’s (PREL) own figures, there will be traffic chaos. It seems that the traffic flow of HGVs will be between 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 7am till 1pm on Saturday.

It is suggested there will be 65 deliveries a day maximum—what goes in must come out so that’s 130 traffic movements each day between 7am and 7pm. That’s, say, 10 an hour = one every six minutes. At the public meeting on October 16, Ms Rome said that residents would be able to negotiate a rush hour restriction, say two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. Deduct four hours from the schedule and movements would have to increase to16 an hour = one every four minutes.

The planning application states that it is considered that there will be “low levels of traffic generated”.

Also, there may well be queues of HGVs waiting to turn in and out of Centenary Way for the following reasons:

During 2011 the swing bridge was opened 293 times. At 25 minutes a time this would cause a build up of six HGVs either side of the bridge in addition to the existing volume of traffic.

The effect of traffic build-up on Saturdays in summer, and holiday traffic in general during the summer months will further upset the schedule.

It will be difficult to get in and out of Sutton Bridge; pretty well impossible to get in and out of East Bank, north and south.

A final question: in the event of the development going ahead how much will PREL be asked to contribute to the cost of increased wear and tear on the bridge, which is a listed building?

Colin Blundell

Sutton Bridge