Same old message from the Legion... but it’s still such an important one

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As I start this annual submission to the readers of the Lincolnshire Free Press, the thought crosses my mind that several of you will be thinking: “Here he goes again!”

I myself can’t disagree with that sentiment but I really honestly feel that by far the majority will agree the ends justify the means and will therefore forgive the annual call “to Alms” as it were.

“What is he rambling about?” will possibly be the next perplexing question (not necessarily in those inoffensive words of course). Well, to cut the preamble short, I am appealing to the good people of Spalding and surrounding villages to volunteer to assist the stalwarts of the Spalding Branch Royal British Legion with the annual Remembrance tide Poppy Appeal.

Although fundraising for the appeal goes on all year round the largest sum of money is raised during this two week period which, as you can imagine, generates an awful lot of work for a very few Legion members in a short space of time.

Like any organisation, we need new blood to continue the work that was started for the welfare of servicemen, ex-servicemen and their families over ninety years ago.

Membership of the Legion is not a prerequisite to assist our fundraising efforts – all that is needed is willingness to help and a donation of some of your free time.

People who assisted us last year, as well as giving valuable help, also enjoyed working with the public and had a chance to see the better side of human nature in action. Those volunteers are, of course, most welcome again this year

I am seeking people to offer poppies and collect donations for them in their own streets on a door-to-door basis, in the town on market days, at Springfields on selected days and also at Baytree Garden Centre.

The Remembrance tide, which is when the street and static collections take place, is between October 27 and November 11.

If you feel you can help this very worthy cause please ring me on 01406 373669 or 07940 240014 and tell me how you would like to help.

Unfortunately under-16s are not permitted to collect on their own. However, they may accompany an adult in order to provide an element of mutual safety. Please give this appeal your consideration and remember the old adage that “many hands make light work”. An hour or a day of your time – it all counts.

Peter Lyon

Honorary Poppy Appeal Organiser

Spalding Branch

The Royal British Legion