SAFETY: Hedge could cause a nasty accident

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Three weeks ago I witnessed a near-fatal accident in Church Street, Spalding.

At the Spalding Town Husband’s property a vehicle was parked at the roadside facing east – the trailer it was attached to was parked at an angle on the footpath, opposite the only hedge on the property.

The hedge in question has been allowed to grow, from the low boundary wall it encroaches on to the footpath some one and half feet. It’s now impossible for two people to pass, so one is forced to step on the road.

The day in question a young lady with a pram had to reverse as she didn’t have the room between the obstruction and the hedge to get through, so she retraced her steps and was going to go around the van and on to the road.

Just as the pram cleared the front of the van there was a big squeal of brakes and a big pull back on the pram.

I brought the incident to the attention of the council over two weeks ago – but nothing has been done.

M Mothers