Sadly, motorcycle rider was author of his own demise

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As a retired police motorcyclist and having dealt with a number of similar collisions I feel that Mr Turner’s comments (Lincs Free Press, Feb 7) are misguided.

The motorcycle will have been thoroughly examined for defects and it is correct to assume the biker seen 30 minutes before was the same one until such time another rider says it was him.

The width and angle of the van’s mirrors would have given the driver a view of the motorcyclist behind him until he was very close.

The accident investigators gather all the evidence before reopening the road. They would have used ‘Accident Investigations by Mathematics’ to calculate the minimum speed – in this case 52mph, 22mph above the speed limit.

The stopping distance at 50mph is as stated 50ft but the thinking distance is 125ft so it becomes 175ft.

With the motorcycle doing a wheelie, his vision would be seriously restricted and the stability of the machine greatly reduced. His ability to brake and steer away from danger would have been minimal – by braking on the rear wheel it would have slammed the front wheel into the ground and could have thrown him off.

Having seen too many such deaths I know only too well how very saddening it is for his family and friends, but on it appears the rider was the author of his own demise.

Retired Police

Traffic Officer

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