Saddened and angry that hard work has been a waste of time

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AS a member of Holbeach in Bloom, I spent a lot of time and effort weeding and tidying in Holbeach churchyard, making it look nice not only for the ‘In Bloom’ competition but also because I took a pride in the fact that the residents of Holbeach liked what we did and commented on how nice it looked after we had done our bit for the town.

I was therefore very upset to see that none of the flowers we planted this year had been dead headed by the council staff, as in previous years, which means they are now dying prematurely.

The shrubs we tried to remove to make the path safer are being allowed to grow back again and the new hydrangeas we planted are being choked by weeds because of lack of maintenance.

It has only been a few weeks since Holbeach in Bloom said they were not going to work in the churchyard any more but it is already evident from what I have seen that the parish council is not going to maintain the area in the same way we did.

I am very saddened and angry that all my previous hard work has been a waste of time now that the parish council has taken charge.


Foxes Lowe Road