Rubbish on the river

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I TOO am concerned about the bags of rubbish floating on the river. They drift up and down during the day.

It’s a shame no one yet has picked them up – they may hold a clue as to who they belong to.

If I had a boat I would have been down and got them. I would have thought maybe the river taxi would have picked them up on its way home?

The council are happy to receive calls re: fly tipping. Come on South Holland District Council, empty the bins.

S Jackson

4 Cowbit Road

PS I am happy to report that after having a chat with a council chap who was attending to bins on the Love Lane side of the river this morning, the offending bin has been emptied and surrounding rubbish removed also.

Top marks to the gent for attending to that. Let’s hope it doesnt get into that state again.