RUBBISH: My walk of shame through Spalding

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What a tip Spalding has become.

When walking up town I could not help but notice two green bags full of grass someone had put next to the council rubbish bins – I noticed them yesterday and they are still there.

This is not the place to put your garden waste – take it down the tip and queue up as the rest of us have to – it’s your grass not the council’s.

Heading towards the footbridge a few metres away is another council bin – it was overflowing with rubbish, more on the floor and around it broken glass bottles were strewn across the path.

A few steps further and I reached the footbridge only to be greeted by more more rubbish – drink cans, bottles, pizza boxes... all sorts.

This continued all the way alongside Sainsbury’s garage next to the water tower. And what a state that is in – the tower is an awful site. It is filthy. Maybe a few sticks of dynamite turning it into a heap of rubble would be more appealing to the eye – the owners should be ashamed it has been in this sorry condition for some time now. Disgraceful.

On my way home I walked down Pinchbeck Road. On turning into the street I saw another two bags of grass outside the new supermarket – I don’t know if they have any lawn behind their property so could not say if it was theirs, but if not that’s another two bags fly tipped.

When I reach the traffic lights there is an area of land – in the bushes just five or six feet from the path is an old rolled up carpet. Whoever dumped this must have had a vehicle and the tip is only a mile away.

N Bingham