RUBBISH: I find decline of this area very sad

Bridge eyesore.
Bridge eyesore.
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After visiting some friends in the South Parade area of Spalding, I decided to walk down towards Green Lane and over the footbridge that would take me down to St John’s Road.

I was really surprised with amount of rubbish and litter that has been discarded in and around the span ofthe bridge.

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I do realize the St John’s area has been a problem area for fly tipping. Also the source of the problem is down to people and their total lack of respect for this local area.

It is clear from the litter at the base of the structure that it is down to unsocial behavior and these people are treating it as a regular dumping ground. Even if a group of people

wanted to clean the area up I do understand there would be some implications as some of the property belongs to the railway.

If litter bins were to be located in the area, people might be encouraged to use them, or even the installation of CCTV would help identify the serial offenders.

I know this is a lot to expect from people, but surely the local authorities cannot keep turning a blind eye to such an eyesore that is getting worse by the day and would not be tolerated in other areas of the town.

I make reference to the Bull and Monkey site on Cowbit Road – this area does not belong to South Holland District Council but was cleaned up before last year’s Tulip Parade. If there is a legal issue behind this problem I am sure a council representative would be willing to clarify the situation for me, your readers and especially for my friends that live nearby with their gardens overlooking such an eyesore.

Yes, I do live a mile away from this location, but I still find it very sad that it has fallen into such decline.

Rodney Sadd