RUBBISH: Doesn’t anyone care about our countryside?

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This week I have seen what I can only describe as looking like a house clearance dumped on the side of the South Holland drain at Pear Tree pumping station (near Whaplode Drove).

It included a three-piece suite, television wardrobes, plus bags of rubbish that took the drainage board workers a whole day to remove.

I can only describe the people that did this as absolute scum – each one of the rate payers have the cost of this in the end.

Only last week we cleared up a load of conifers, fence panels and a computer desk off the roadway along the side of the same drain.

No-one sees anyone doing this so maybe it’s at night, although saying that, only four weeks ago after having trimmed a roadway into one of our rape fields I noticed a car stop at the said field and dump six internal doors and another computer desk on the roadway.

I was three fields away so I couldn’t get his number plate.

Then, to top it up, today another load of rubber flooring had been dumped overnight in one of our drains down Back Bank.

We are forever picking up plastic bottles, soft drink cans and beer cans along the roadsides.

What astonishes me is that they travel all the way from Peterborough with a KFC meal or a McDonald’s and proceed to throw it out of the window when the refuse waggons come round this district every single week.

Doesn’t anyone care about our lovely countryside any more?

Trevor Taylor

via email