ROYAL MAIL: Only the postmen are first class

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What is going on with Royal Mail?

My daughter posted birthday cards to me from the main post office in Bourne on April 15 using first class postage... I have never received them.

My daughter-in-law posted hers in Stamford but the postman left me a card saying the correct postage wasn’t on it.

I had to pay £1.09 to get it from the Spalding depot – I have since found out that it had been checked in Stamford post office and the correct postage had been put on it there.

The postage has gone up but the service has not, the junk mail gets delivered which goes straight into recycling bin, costing councils money. Our postmen are first class but they are being let down as well.

We are all feeling upset over all this.

Belinda Moncaster

Weston Hills