ROYAL MAIL: I also feel let down by the post office

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After reading Belinda Moncaster’s letter I also feel we are being let down by the Post Office.

My husband is still waiting for his birthday cards for his birthday at the beginning of March.

At least five cards that we know of posted in different parts of the country are still yet to arrive. Also a Mother’s Day card for me.

I wrote to the post office only to be told they cannot track each letter.

A child would have been very upset not to have received their birthday cards.

Before I retired to Spalding, I worked at the Milk Marketing Board in Thames Ditton, Surrey, in the mailing department.

We put our outgoing mail into large grey sacks which were delivered to us by the Post Office – we often found letters still in the bottom, that had not been sorted and delivered correctly.

Where have these letters gone, surely they cannot just disappear?

Are they sitting in a mail sack somewhere, forgotten?

Sylvia Godding