ROTARY: Here’s how we spend all your donations

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When out with our Christmas sleigh and raising money elsewhere, Rotary Club of South Holland members are often asked what we do with the money we’re given.

It’s an impossible question to answer in a few seconds. So we’d like to tell the people who give so generously that in the last year:

Locally we helped multiple sclerosis sufferers, homeless teenagers, a pre-school group, LIVES, sports clubs, a hospice, and children with special needs.

We helped Priory School enterprise schemes and “Rotakids”. We took disadvantaged children to Wicksteed Park and a disabled youngster for an exciting week away.

We placed a local youngster on a Youth Leadership course. We helped a practice expedition for girls going to China and Borneo, and we supported Spalding Youth Club. We encouraged young writers and “Rotary Stars” in primary schools.

Nationally we supported Marie Curie cancer nurses, people who might have heart problems, carers who need a break, meningitis sufferers and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Overseas we helped the fight against child slavery and the campaign to save children dying of hygiene problems. We provided “Shelter Boxes” to go to world disaster areas, and we provided Trade Aid boxes to help craftsmen in communities needing their skills.

We helped schools in the Philippines and a hospital in India. We helped provide meals and education for thousands of desperately needy children.

The lists go on – but we’d like to thank our thousands of local supporters and donors for making all this possible.

Oh – and if anyone would like to join us in this work (and in the fun we have doing it) please call 01775-723999. We’d love to hear from you.

Bruce Alexander


Rotary Club of South Holland