ROADS: What surprises me is their concern now

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I read with some surprise your article regarding business leaders visiting Downing Street. What surprises me most is their concern now, compared with their apparent lack of concern just a few years ago.

After the publication of the proposed new A16 plans, to replace the old A1073, there was a consultation period leading up to the public enquiry.

Lincolnshire County Council’s reason for the new road was the enhancement of “the distribution hub”, to improve the conveyance of goods from the Boston and Spalding area to the A1.

We in Cowbit Road Action Committee who, among other things, were campaigning for a shorter, more direct route to the west of Cowbit and Crowland, and dual carriageways, thought that the haulage industry might be pushing for similar improvements. We were wrong.

We wrote to all the major hauliers and growers in the Boston and Spalding area and the Road Haulage Association. We received just one reply from a major Spalding haulier who told me that they would not be supporting our campaign, because it would slow down the planning process and they wanted a new road, any road, straight away.

As the appointed advocate for the objectors, I received copies of every objection. There were none from the haulage industry, nor, as far as I’m aware were they represented at the public enquiry. I would like to know why they did not have an input at the right time?

Doug Braybrooks